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AEM has updated its CD-7 Digital Dash Display from an aluminum enclosure to a carbon fiber composite enclosure and in the process has reduced its mass from 740g/26.1 oz. to only 595g/20.9oz. That’s almost 1/3rd lbs. less and makes the CD-7 Carbon the lightest graphical dash of its size among major competitors! The new CD-7 Carbon digital displays also have optional integrated 20Hz GPS, which replaces the dash packages that included a Vehicle Dynamics Module. Of course, the Vehicle Dynamics Module still works with any CD Digital Dash Display and can be purchased separately.


CD-7 Carbon Dashes can simplify the update of an instrument cluster or ease the instrumentation configuration of a new vehicle build. Since the CD-7 Carbon only requires a single cable for power, ground and receiving CAN data, the wiring goes from complex to a simple one plug connection. Street rods, kit cars, and resto-mods using late-model crate engines no longer have to be concerned with adding a full set of gauges and trying to keep the wiring clean, or having to double up sensors on the engine so the ECU and gauges both have data – The CD-7 Carbon can see everything the ECU is seeing via a single cable connection – and that means so can you!

Want to go hardcore? CD-7 Carbon Dashes make it easy. Add additional sensor data with our 22 Channel CAN Sensor Module, create custom layouts, integrate track mapping and data logging for driver coaching, see predictive and actual lap times and set user-defined prioritized alarms – it’s all possible with the CD-7 Carbon Dash. Simple or Hardcore; the choice is yours and the CD-7 Carbon’s capabilities are nearly limitless.