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Do you need help with vehicle electrics?

Solve those electrical problems

Classic cars are amazing and were built to last but one area that can often deteriorate over time are the electrics. This means if you have a classic car or camper and there are some problems with the electrics, figuring out what is wrong is a lot more complicated than with modern vehicles, as there is no onboard computer to help you!

Rewiring vehicles

Sometimes, the answer to the problem is more than a little fix and an entire rewire is required. If you have just purchased a vehicle that requires new electrics or you think your existing classic is in need of an upgrade, please get in touch. We can also fit electrical accessories and even additional wiring looms if needed and hide them away ie:usb chargers, Interia Led lights and more.

Accessories fitted

As well as finding and repairing faults, We also offer a service to fit electric accessories to the car.  So if there are new or updated items you want to add that need to be connected to the electrics of the car but you want it hidden not to spoil the classic look or can be removed very easy buy just a plug, we can help!

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