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Camper Conversions /Caravan upgrades. We pride ourselves on our high standard of electrical installation and the equipment supplied as standard. All the 12 volt items installed are very low consumption for the longest battery life possible. We can also install electrical hook ups and 240 volt mains and charging systems.

Large van Conversion

CBE wiring is a bit untidy, but at least it is out of sight under the bed. More importantly, it’s easy to get to. Note how the cabling runs into the respective units via ‘voltage’ separated runs.  By that I mean all the 230v grey cabling isn’t grouped with the 12v which the likes of the Bonus and Sargent unit virtually force to occur.


To be clear, it is possible you don’t need solar power panels for your caravan. If you are always hooked up each night, then there is little point. But if you are not always plugged into a campsite’s electrical supply solar power can be a god-send, running all kinds of appliances: lighting, TV, water pumps, fridges and more. What’s more a 12v caravan solar panel kit can help maintain your leisure batteries life as a battery charger, keeping it topped up no matter how little it may be used. Ensuring your leisure battery is safe from deep discharge when out of use for long periods (over winter, for example) will prolong its life and save money. A caravan solar panel kit can mean you never need to run a generator or hook up to a power supply when out on your travels. With dual panels for mains inverter supplying 240 volts.

All types of trailer rewiring to replacing old light units for new brighter led lights, we can also carry out repairs on trailers.